2U Colocation Packages

While trying to maintain and secure sensitive data, Patrick Hosting sought technical outlets that not only would protect our own assets, but provide security for applications developed for clients. Our solution came in 2008 when we built a progressive data center that would accommodate our customer’s current needs and continue to adapt in an evolving industry, including offering 2U colocation services.

Patrick Hosting has been committed for over a decade to providing effective solutions to each and every one of its clients, from large telecommunications companies to smaller sole proprietorships. With a selection of highly flexible, affordable, and extremely responsive solutions, we can promise to deliver positive results for your company.

Server colocation includes several tiers of rack space, and Patrick Hosting offers flexible plans to support the varying needs of our data center hosting clients. If you are an individual or company whose colocation solutions would better utilize a smaller set-up, 2U colocation with Patrick Hosting may be the affordable solution. While reliable and secure hosting isn’t free, Patrick Hosting’s 2U colocation packages can help you save money by eliminating the expensive bandwidth and infrastructure expenses associated with hosting. By taking advantage of a 2U colocation package with Patrick Hosting, you gain accommodating rack space with room to grow in the future.

Patrick Hosting 2U colocation plans supply the utilities needed to keep your server up and running after you’ve provided us with the necessary hardware. These 2U server colocation packages include 2U of rack space with ample power, cooling, and plenty of bandwidth to keep you up and running.

2U of rack space
Ample conditioned power
Redundant Liebert cooling
Flexible bandwidth
Multiple layers of security
100% Local Technical Support
Around the clock On-Call Support
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