Ohio Data Center Facility

Patrick Hosting has taken great care to construct an Ohio data center that provides outstanding, dependable server colocation, colocation solutions, dedicated server hosting, and virtual machine hosting solutions for our clients. Sitting atop a 36-inch raised floor, the data center is housed in a sealed, secure environment to ensure your equipment is safe and protected. The network, power, environmental, and fire suppression systems in the Ohio data center have all been purpose built to ensure you have a high quality, reliable data center environment to accommodate your hosted servers.


Patrick Hosting Features

  • Reliable Network

    Patrick Hosting uses 100% Cisco switching equipment to ensure operational continuity. Our Columbus, Ohio data center is multi-homed with 100% fiber optic Ethernet loops. Multiple entry points into the building ensure that the Ethernet loops are completely independent of each other. Patrick Hosting is carrier neutral, with connections from the leading fiber carriers in Columbus, providing high-availability and high-capacity bandwidth service. Patrick Hosting is also one of the few data centers in the Midwest to have its own private Ethernet loop.
  • Uninterrupted Power

    All servers hosted in our data center are powered through UPS conditioned power. In the event of a utility power outage, Patrick Hosting uses a natural gas generator to provide backup power. Through the use of a high-volume natural gas connection, we can keep your equipment running indefinitely without needing to refuel. Our backup power system is tested and run on a weekly basis. In addition, we have established top-of-the-line maintenance agreements with both Cummins and MGE UPS to guarantee quick part replacement and 24/7 access to a technician.
  • Controlled Environment

    Multiple Liebert air conditioning units maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels in the data center. By using hot and cold aisles to separate exhaust and cold air, Patrick Hosting is able to reduce the data center’s energy cost and carbon footprint. By properly controlling the data center environment, we help promote the health and longevity of all equipment hosted in our Ohio data center.
  • Roof Access

    rooftopIn addition the data center space, Patrick Hosting also has complete ownership of the surrounding property, containing 5000 square feet of flat roof access. This extra space provides sufficient room for satellite and other telecom equipment.
  • Green Data Center

    In our Ohio data center, Patrick Hosting takes a positive approach on issues concerning the environment. As a member of the Columbus Green Spot, we realize the severe ecological threats that are facing our world and industry. Consequently, we are constantly re-visiting our company wide conservation and recycling initiatives to continue to move towards being a greener company.
Substantial rack space
Ample conditioned power
Redundant Liebert cooling
Flexible bandwidth
Multiple layers of security
100% Local Technical Support
Around the clock On-Call Support
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