What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

With dedicated server hosting you have complete control over the server, without having to purchase the server upfront. Patrick Solutions will provide and maintain the dedicated server hardware, while you concentrate on running your business applications. To ensure reliability, our standard dedicated servers consist of parts from Supermicro and Dell. However, we can also have a custom dedicated server built to your specifications.

Dedicated server hosting comes in two different options: managed and unmanaged hosting. Managed dedicated servers in our Ohio data center receive ongoing maintenance from Patrick Solutions which includes such tasks as server backups, updates to the operating system, and installation of software security patches. With unmanaged servers, the client is expected to perform the aforementioned server maintenance tasks. Customers who choose server colocation with Patrick Hosting also benefit from all the other features of our data center including security, redundancy, and a controlled environment.

Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

Compared to shared hosting, dedicated server hosting gives you a much greater level of control over the server, starting with operating system options. Because you also have a greater level of access with a dedicated server, there are no limitations to the software you are able to install or the way you configure your server. All of the resources from the server are dedicated solely to the owner of the server, which results in greater reliability and performance.

Another important benefit of dedicated server hosting is increased security. Because you are able to control the configuration of your dedicated server, you can secure the server in a way that best fits your needs. Similarly, with dedicated server hosting you don’t have to worry about the activities of other individuals affecting your server in any way.

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