Our Company

Founded in 2000, we provide business intelligence services including database marketing, data center infrastructure, and customized website and application development. Patrick Solutions is a leading provider of data center hosting and IT support services, providing services to Fortune 500 companies for over 12 years. Patrick Solutions, Inc. is centrally located in Columbus, Ohio, where we are within driving distance of a major portion of the U.S. population.

Our Clients’ Needs

To respond to our clients’ needs, we build and host custom websites and applications for some of the largest companies in the country. We have the ability to build sophisticated web applications that drive your business processes and utilize extensive data structures. In the past, we’ve built web applications that tracked trainee performance, automated employee discipline, identified salespersons, documented customer churn and scheduled client demos.

Our Results

We’ve helped companies increase revenue, slash costs, and drastically improve performance. Our data-driven applications have also produced radical changes in behavior; employees found they had more time, were making better decisions, and could follow company policies more easily. The bottom line is that our clients are wealthier and more efficient because of our relationship.

IT Solutions For Business Problems

All of our clients are provided with the tools necessary to manage the IT system after we have completed the job. Whether you are implementing a new application, launching a product or redesigning a process, Patrick Solutions Inc. is a critical partner to ensuring your business success.

We Have A Passion For Data

Patrick Solutions Inc. adds special value to situations where our clients’ data is disorganized or incomplete. We develop creative solutions to solve clients’ data problems by locating various data points, creating a datawarehouse solution. From there we merge, mine and leverage the data to help run the clients’ business better.