Web Hosting for Small Business Owners

Creating a website for your business opens your door to a whole new market of customers, but also invites a lot of tough questions during the process. Where exactly does my website live? Is this the best home for my site?

When it comes to web hosting, you may not be aware of all the available options: shared hosting, virtual servers, and dedicated servers.

Many small business websites utilize shared hosting, because it provides the lowest cost of entry of the available options. However, room for growth is limited on a shared server. With several sites hosted on the same server, they share the same resources, including RAM, processor, and hard drive space.

Ownership of the space belongs to the web host and the server houses hundreds of other tenants, resulting in decreased reliability, security and performance.

For a lot of companies, this kind of hosting is sufficient. They only need a small storage space to accommodate a moderate amount of visitors. So, estimate your daily website traffic. If you anticipate more than a couple hundred visitors a day, you may want to consider a space with more room like a virtual server.

Depending on the size of your operation, a virtual server could be ideal if you intend to do significant sales through your website. A virtual server can also be great for websites where a small amount of streaming audio and video is needed. By using a virtual server you can increase visitors without sacrificing performance and also have the flexibility for future growth.

If your business operations involve data-intensive applications, dedicated servers, may be the best investment for your company. With a dedicated server you gain complete freedom. Since your server is not shared, other websites cannot affect your performance and scalability is infinite.

Where will your website live?